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Got Nothing to Wear? Maybe It's Your Closet's Fault

How does the idea of getting dressed make you feel? Excited to express your personal style? Or is it more like a dreaded chore? If opening your closet is utterly uninspiring, it is possible to inject life back into your wardrobe. Sure, you could Marie-Kondo your clothing, toss out everything that fails to "spark joy," and go on a shopping spree to build a brand new outfit repertoire. But what if it's not your clothes standing in the way of you looking and feeling your best? Take a step back from the hangers and look at the bigger picture. Is a dated closet sapping the joy out of getting dressed?

Dated, Dark, and Dull

Closets can be an afterthought when it comes to home design, but when you consider how much time you spend in and out of the ones you use most, perhaps it's time to move them up in the list of home project priorities. And the recent popularity of shows like Get Organized with The Home Edit and Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo proves that the desire for inspiring, organized storage spaces is strong. Closets that stifle creativity and stymie efforts to stay organized can be cramped, poorly lit, and awkward to maneuver. Cheap hardware, shelving, or doors can lend to an overall "blah" effect that only deteriorates with time. Is this resonating with you? Then it's time to rethink your clothing closet and build a space that enables you to greet each day in a look you love.


Revitalize Your Wardrobe without Heading to the Mall

Before you throw out all your clothes to start over, let's assess your closet. Because even if you have all brand-new things to wear, if your closet still makes you sad, you're going to find yourself in the same stuck spot soon enough. Here are some factors we've identified as areas for potential closet improvement:

"Did you get dressed in the dark?" might be a bully's line, but it's based on some truth—it's hard to pick a great outfit if you can't see what you're picking! If your closet has bad lighting (or worse, none), there are probably items you would love rediscovering that have been languishing in the dark corners of your closet, out of sight and out of mind season after season. Shed some light on the situation and shop your own closet! If your closet isn't wired for easy overhead lighting, you can get creative with plug-in or battery-powered options. LED light strips can be super helpful for lighting up shelving, or cute plug-in sconces can give you an extra opportunity to add to your closet vibe. Whether you're doing a major renovation and adding a chandelier fixture or just sticking some battery-operated push-button lights to the walls, there are a wide variety of options at many different price points to brighten up your wardrobe. Now what's that shining in the very back of your closet? Sequins??

Organizational Systems
From Elfa to IKEA, there are all kinds of organizational solutions for closets on the market. If you're still living with the wire shelves your house came with, take a look at how they're dividing up your total space. Is it the best use of the closet's volume for your items? If you have lots of long, hanging items, maybe you don't need two hanging rails on top of each other going the whole length of the closet. If you want all your sweaters nicely folded on shelves, is there a space for that? You can go the DIY route here if you feel confident in your ability to reorganize the space for your stuff, or you can call in the help of a pro. Look up professional closet system providers in your area or you can work with the closet specialists at your favorite retailer that provides solutions, like The Container Store or IKEA.

Wall Decor
If you've got a smaller reach-in closet, your options for wall decor in your closet are likely limited, but even a little wall space is an opportunity to add something that makes you happy. It could be as simple as a fresh coat of paint in a color you adore. Just covering up the scuffs and scrapes from years of use can be remarkably refreshing. Or if you've been thinking about jumping on the wallpaper trend, a closet is an excellent space to test the waters. When you're choosing a color or design, think about how you want your closet to make you feel. Clear-headed, organized, and calm? Try something neutral and soothing. Want to feel excited, bold, and in charge? Go for a trendy color that makes you happy. If you've got a walk-in closet with wall space to spare, you can get even more creative with hanging inspiring art, adding a pretty rug and ottoman, finding extra spots for mood lighting, and more.

Now let's talk about the logistics of getting in and out of your closet. Do the doors stick? Can you open them all the way or are they blocked by something else in the room? Do they creak, or are they barely hanging onto the hinges? Do they make sense for the size and shape of your closet? The basic hollow-core doors many homes come with tend to show their age much more quickly than something custom and high-quality. And if the door type makes it difficult to maneuver in and around your closet, you might be unconsciously avoiding it. There are gorgeous closet door options out there that can creatively solve awkward space problems. From sliding and folding doors to French doors and more, there is a multitude of ways to put the perfect finishing touch on your closet with doors that add to its functionality and beauty.


Create an Inspiring Space

Not sure where to start in revamping your closet space? For interior and organizational inspiration, Pinterest can be a great place to gather images of your dream closet. Especially if you plan to DIY parts of your project, Pinterest is an excellent resource for finding tips and tricks to achieve the look you want. For ideas on how to get started with creating a Pinterest board for inspiration, check out our blog here.


Open the Doors to Your Unique Style

When you're ready to close the door on a closet that doesn't work for you and step into a space made for you and by you, Elizabeth Shutters is here to craft the perfect closet doors to complete your look. Our design consultants make it easy to order custom handcrafted closet doors built in virtually any shape, size, or color to reflect your style. You pick the look you want and we make it happen. All our closet doors are crafted with solid wood and specialized hardwood; they're built to stand the test of time so you can enjoy their beauty for years to come.

Build Your Dream Closet with Elizabeth Shutters Custom Closet Doors

Get in touch with an Elizabeth Shutters design consultant today to learn how easy it is to get the custom closet doors of your dreams off your vision board and into your home. Call 925-255-7778 to get started!

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