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New Year, New House, New Shutters

Whether you're starting off the new year as a new homeowner or you've got your eye on making a move in 2023, investing in the house you own is always a good idea. Classic, long-lasting, easy-to-maintain design choices can enhance your home's curb appeal and can boost its value. In an increasingly competitive housing market, making your home stand out with crowd-pleasing upgrades can mean the difference between getting to the closing table or holding fruitless open houses week after week. Installing interior shutters could be just the thing to make a new family fall in love with your house, or make you fall more in love with your home if you plan to stay forever. Read on for five reasons why interior shutters are a good investment for all homeowners:

1. Increased Energy Efficiency

Interior shutters can help regulate interior temperatures by blocking hot sun rays in the summer and insulating your windows against the cold in the winter. Lower energy bills plus better climate control? Sign us up.

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2. Enhanced Privacy

Closed interior shutters don't just block out light. Unlike blinds or shades, which have gaps on either side that can allow prying eyes to spy inside, interior shutters are completely enclosed, letting you have greater control over how much you'd like to see out your windows—or how much others can see inside.

3. Greater Security

Interior shutters are far sturdier and more substantial than any other window treatment and can offer an extra layer of protection in the event of an intruder attempting to enter through a window. With options for latches on the inside plus decreased visibility from the outside, shutters can act as a deterrent to uninvited guests.IG 02-1

4. Low Maintenance

Well-constructed and maintained interior shutters can last you a lifetime, and it's not hard to keep them in tip-top condition. Simply regularly dusting them will keep them looking lustrous for years to come, and swiping a cloth over wide, sturdy shutter louvers is significantly less taxing than the tedious task of dusting the numerous smaller slats on blinds.

5. Customization

No matter what your style is, interior shutters can be customized to fit your dream interior design. Neutral-toned shutters act as a timeless backdrop for a wide variety of styles and trends, and statement shutters can tie a modern look together with bold choices built to match or complement the rest of your home's design. For those looking to add value to their home for a future sale, classic colors like shades of white and grey allow potential buyers to imagine their own style in the home, while adventurous forever-homers might go for a bold on-trend color to truly make their interior shutters all their own.IG 03
Interior shutters are a wise investment for homeowners looking to make a big impact with a relatively small project. If you're looking for a way to add value without having to knock down any walls, put the sledgehammer down and pick up the phone. Give us a call at 925-255-7778 to schedule your free in-home estimate for custom Elizabeth Shutters interior shutters that are made for your house, for a lifetime.

Happy New Year!

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